Update #3
3 months ago

Almost made it!
The last stage of the three-day trip from Hamburg to Copenhagen was about to begin.

The destination of today's final leg is Copenhagen. More precisely, the Copenhagen Bike Show. The biggest bike show in Scandinavia. Here, the Bergamont team is already waiting with great excitement for Thorben and Paul's arrival.

The weather lets the boys down on the last section. Rain, fog and freezing temperatures make the last stage a real challenge.
The only thing that helps is a snack in an American diner that appears just in time.

Finally in the afternoon: Arrival in Copenhagen. The exertions of the last few days quickly become a minor matter. The joy of having mastered this challenge is much greater!

From Hamburg to Copenhagen, more than 350km in 3 days and everything done on compact bikes. What an adventurous ride!

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Why Mobilized Communities
Bergamont is driven by the belief that every cyclist has the power to positively impact our world. We embody innovation, sustainability, and the ethos of mobility.
That's why we support efforts that align with our values, empowering people to access sustainable transportation options and contributing to a better future for all.

Join us on our journey as we follow Paul and Thorben, two friends from Hamburg on our compact bike Hans-E riding all the way from Hamburg to Copenhagen to collect money for World Bicycle Relief.
Let's pedal together towards a brighter future!

Mobilized Communities

World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through The Power of Bicycles. Our mission is to create access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities in developing regions of the world where distance is a challenge. We envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to independence and livelihood.

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