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Fundraise for World Bicycle Relief and join supporters around the globe empowering people two wheels at a time. It doesn't have to be with wheels, do whatever inspires you to make a difference. Whether you want to mobilize one student or provide bicycles to an entire school, we can't wait to work with you to share the Power of Bicycles with others around the world. Plus, we've got the tools you can use to engage your community and help you reach your goal. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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Salesforce EMEA 2019 Fundraising Ride

Cycling through the French Alps to buy bikes? Yes! During the course of 5 days at the end of August, almost 20 members of the EMEA Salesforce Ohana will be battling the most famous mountain passes the French Alps have to offer - with one goal: raising funds to provide children in Africa with bicycles so they can attend school classes and become more mobile.


Set challenges, inspire others and give the Power of Bicycles! No challenge is too small. We can all make a difference through our passion whether it be a bike race, climbing a mountain or running a marathon.


Are you celebrating a birthday, wedding or an anniversary? Why not use this to empower school children through the Power of Bicycles? Join us and inspire others to do the same in celebrating you.

School Fundraiser

Start a fundraiser at your school and inspire others to give the Power of Bicycles!

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Do you have other creative ideas for your fundraiser? Great! Do whatever inspires you, inspire others and give the Power of Bicycles!

Das zweitgrößte Radrennen Deutschlands begeistert durch seine attraktive Streckenführung

Sparkassen Münsterland Giro 2019

Am 03. Oktober 2019 geht der Sparkassen Münsterland Giro 2019 in die 14. Runde. Das zweitgrößte Radrennen Deutschlands lockt mit 5000 Teilnehmern, 300.000 Zuschauern und zahlreiche attraktiven Rahmenprogrammpunkten! Mit diesem sportlichen Großereignis wollen wir dieses Jahr World Bicycle Relief unterstützen, um bedürftige Menschen im ländlichen Sambia mit Fahrrädern mobil zu machen.

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Bicycles for Education

By providing bicycles to children, especially girls, you can empower them with knowledge and ultimately, change the course of their lives.