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A huge thanks to all those who participated in and contributed to the Genève Smashfest Crew's 4th annual Hill Climb and TTT Challenge raising funds for World Bicycle Relief. Thanks to your support there are now seven more people in developing rural communities with a new bike and better access to school, jobs, water, markets and healthcare!

In the Hill Climb, the Tour category was taken out by Charlie Kent in a powerful display, winning all three climbs. I need to try harder next time. The Giro category was ferociously contested, with the first climb won by newcomer Erik Klove who went hard early, the second in a dominant manner by old gun Tim Clairs, and the third by a wheel length by Paul Munn, with Paul's impressive consistency over the three climbs giving him the coveted jersey.

The new TTT category around Versonnex was also closely fought, with the stylish and beautifully balanced team of Ricardo, Rob and Ben beating all comers, even despite Race Commissaire Rich's helping hand to my team.

After a pleasant side trip up Mt Mourex, we rolled down to Versoix for coffee and pastry by the lake, regaled as always with Ryan's stories, before Alfie put the hammer down on the way home and showed us that Steel Wheelers can do more than just climb the Salève. Great crew and great ride for a great cause.

Next up in the calendar of GSC fundraising events for World Bicycle Relief is the 2023 Giants of the Jura for Gender Equality, so mark 3 June 2023 in the diaries!

Why Mobilized Communities
WBR is a fantastic organisation providing specially designed bikes to people in poorer rural communities, enhancing their access to food, water, education, health care and jobs. Bikes can help people and communities enjoy freedom, equality and justice, as well as the joys of riding!

The 4th Annual Hill Climb & TTT Challenge aims to raise funds for 8+ Buffalo Bikes at CHF 155 each. We'll roll out from Chambésy footbridge at 0830 on Sunday, 2 October. The Hill Climb will ascend Chemin de l'Impératrice (~1km at 7%), with each rider tackling it 3 times in the Vuelta, Giro or Tour categories. After the Hill Climb, there'll be a Versonnex TTT in teams of 3 (one from each category). Coffee and pastries will follow in Versoix.

Registration is by donation. Genève Smashfest Crew riders are expected and others welcome! Further info and to let me know you're in, catch me on WhatsApp on +41 76 708 4738.

Let's roll!


2019: Jaroslav Kalous
2020: Charlie Kent
2021: Johannes Kleiser
2022: ?

Mobilized Communities

World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through The Power of Bicycles. Our mission is to create access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities in developing regions of the world where distance is a challenge. We envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to independence and livelihood.

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