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Already 11% of the donation goal reached - thank you so much!

Warum Mobilität Für Alle
Hello friends,

I am convinced that a simple bicycle can change a life forever.

This summer I am in the fortunate situation to take some weeks off and ride mine from Berlin southwards. But many many people on this earth are in situations where a bike is so much more than just an activity for leisure time.

That's why I'm collecting donations for World Bicycle Relief.

This international humanitarian organization has developed sturdy and reliable bicycles specifically for use in rural Africa. With the help of donations, the bicycles are put into the hands of students, nurses and entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the bicycles, they can overcome the long distances to school, to patients or to the nearest market and shape their future on their own terms.

A Buffalo bike costs 147 EUR or 155 CHF - every Euro counts!

Thanks for supporting me <3

Mobilität Für Alle

World Bicycle Relief macht Menschen mit Fahrrädern mobil. In Regionen, in denen Distanz Menschen daran hindert voranzukommen, wollen wir mit einfacher und umweltfreundlicher Mobilität Zugang zu Bildung, Gesundheit und wirtschaftlichen Chancen schaffen. Unsere Vision ist eine Welt, in der Entfernung kein Hindernis mehr für Bildung und Gesundheit, persönliche, soziale oder wirtschaftliche Entwicklung ist.

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