Warum Mobilität Für Alle
Dear friends and supporters,

In the past three years, I have covered miles and miles on two wheels, exploring Europe with my bicycle. Every pedal stroke has been an opportunity to discover new cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and, above all, to experience the thrill of sustainable travel.

But this year, I have decided to pedal for an even more meaningful cause. Between July and August, I will embark on an epic journey across Italy, covering a whopping 1000 km, with the aim of raising funds to distribute bicycles to those in need worldwide. The bicycle is an economical, sustainable, and accessible mode of transportation, capable of transforming the lives of those less fortunate.

Throughout this journey, my goal is to raise 1000 euros, but here's the challenge: if we surpass this milestone, I am ready to cycle an additional 10 km for every extra donation of 100 euros received in 2024.

Mobilität Für Alle

World Bicycle Relief macht Menschen mit Fahrrädern mobil. In Regionen, in denen Distanz Menschen daran hindert voranzukommen, wollen wir mit einfacher und umweltfreundlicher Mobilität Zugang zu Bildung, Gesundheit und wirtschaftlichen Chancen schaffen. Unsere Vision ist eine Welt, in der Entfernung kein Hindernis mehr für Bildung und Gesundheit, persönliche, soziale oder wirtschaftliche Entwicklung ist.

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