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Bicycles for Healthcare

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World Bicycle Relief is mobilizing people through The Power of Bicycles.
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Bicycles for Healthcare

With two wheels, health volunteers are saving lives. They’re working to eliminate malaria, cure diseases, teach health and nutrition, and visit more homebound patients.

In developing countries where diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV threaten rural communities, access to healthcare is vital. But long distances and rugged terrain make it difficult for patients to access remote health clinics. Volunteer health workers often walk 10-20 kilometers to provide care for patients in their homes. With a Buffalo Bicycle, workers reach 45% more patients, spending more time addressing their needs and helping to eradicate preventable diseases.

World Bicycle Relief partners with local governments and aid organizations to provide sustainable, last-mile healthcare solutions through our Wheels for Integrated and Sustainable Health (WISH) program.

Why Bicycles?

  • More frequent, higher-quality patient care
  • Increased community awareness of illnesses and preventative measures
  • Increased retention of volunteer health workers
  • Increased income for families with bikes
  • Healthier, stronger communities



This is how it works

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