Pourquoi Des Vélos pour l'éducation
Dear friends and family,

for the 5th time, I will joining the techbikers ride, this time cycling from Bielefeld to Berlin. I am, of course, in no physical shape whatsoever and starting training this week, so this is truly a challenge for me this year! Please give generously.

I am convinced that a simple bike can change a life forever. That's why I'm collecting donations for World Bicycle Relief. The international aid organization has developed a robust and reliable bicycle. With the help of donations, the bikes are placed in the hands of students, nurses and entrepreneurs.

Thanks to bicycles, they can cover long distances to school, to patients or to the nearest market and shape their future on their own.
A Buffalo bike costs 134 EUR or 147 CHF.

Every donation counts!

Des Vélos pour l'éducation

En fournissant des vélos aux enfants, en particulier aux filles, vous pouvez leur permettre d’accéder à l’éducation et changer le cours de leur vie.

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Dons reçus 25

EUR 50
Hannah Grethlein
il y a 2 ans
EUR 100
Fabiola Hochkirchen
il y a 2 ans
EUR 10
Alix Brückner
il y a 2 ans
EUR 134
Jan Heerma
il y a 2 ans
EUR 100
Jennifer Gruer
il y a 2 ans
EUR 100
Steffen Kellner
il y a 2 ans
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