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Pourquoi avons-nous lancé une campagne pour Des Vélos pour l'éducation ?
When we got our first bikes, we were able to visit friends faster. The journey to school took only half as long. Over time we developed a real passion and became one of those people who prefer to travel the world on two wheels.
For us, these journeys are always a time to slow down, to reflect on what is most important. When you leave your familiar environment and explore the world, you realize how small our problems are and how lucky we are. You start thinking about the 600 million or so people who live in absolute poverty. It is about providing the poorest of the poor with a bicycle to help them in their everyday lives. To get to school faster or at all, to be able to transport produces to the distant market or to be mobile at all.
Please help us to mobilize people with bicycles!

Des Vélos pour l'éducation

En fournissant des vélos aux enfants, en particulier aux filles, vous pouvez leur permettre d’accéder à l’éducation et changer le cours de leur vie.

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