Why are we campaigning for Bicycles for Education
Our school celebrates its 50th anniversary!
This is a reason to celebrate and also a reason to look beyond our own educational opportunities.

We are bike enthusiasts and love our bikes as sports vehicles. But a bike is more than just sports equipment. In rural Africa it is an urgently needed means of transport.

With our fundraising trip we want to contribute to more mobility and thus to more education in the world!

Help us, find a sponsor for our mountain bike event on 21.09.2019, or simply donate ; )

Can we raise funds for 200 Buffalo bicycles???
We are confident in it!

Bicycles for Education

By providing bicycles to children, especially girls, you can empower them with knowledge and ultimately, change the course of their lives.

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127 donations received

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Christian Wiedenroth
4 years ago
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MTB Event Barspenden&Kuchenverkauf
4 years ago
Carlo Spiegel
4 years ago
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Markus Scholz
4 years ago
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Thorsten Väthjunker
4 years ago
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Evamarie und Anke Hutzelmann
4 years ago
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