Warum Fahrräder für Bildung
As a board member of World Bicycle Relief Germany and a passionate cyclist, I am pleased to join Techbikers on this journey. This year’s donations will finance a designated education program for Sikalozya Primary School around Mazabuka, Southern Zambia.

Sikalozya is a small school up to grade 9 in a rural community that is clearly experiencing the economic impact of the global pandemic. In Zambia, schools have been closed for a big part of last year and only recently opened again. Kids have been without access to education for months as digital learning is challenging. Currently, the aim is to bring the children back to school. As many of you know, girls are particularly vulnerable when it comes to their education.

I believe in this context your support and the simple bicycle can truly change lives.

I am grateful for your support and am pleased to announce that the Forward Group will match the first EUR 500 in pledges. Act now and double your impact!

Fahrräder für Bildung

Indem wir Kindern, insbesondere Mädchen, Fahrräder zur Verfügung stellen, stärken wir sie auf ihrem Weg zu einem Schulabschluss, der letztlich ihr ganzes Leben beeinflusst. In die Schulbildung von Mädchen zu investieren, bedeutet den Kreislauf der Armut zu durchbrechen.

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The Forward Group
«Match for first €500 committed! Thank you! »
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