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il y a 2 ans

Today is the second day of the official TechBikers fundraising ride. I am riding the whole 130km on the Buffalo bike, 20kg, no gears, rack to transport 100kg. These bikes make difference in Africa!

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Pourquoi Des Vélos pour l'éducation

I am supporting World Bicycle Relief again, fundraising to provide access to independence and livelihood through donating bicycles. This time together with Techbikers we are collecting money for bikes for Sikalozya Primary School in Mazebuka, Zambia. Read about distribution of bikes for which we collected money in 2021:


A Buffalo Bicycle costs 134 EUR, my personal goal is to fund 15 of these bicycles!
For that purpose I am riding 550km mountain gravel race in August and then Techbikers 450km ride in September.

Thank you!

Des Vélos pour l'éducation

En fournissant des vélos aux enfants, en particulier aux filles, vous pouvez leur permettre d’accéder à l’éducation et changer le cours de leur vie.

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