Update #3
18 days ago


Thanks so much for your support guys ! We reached 1349EUR, this means that 10 bikes will be gifted to kids in need thanks to your donations. What a milestone !!

Here is a summary of our ride on Saturday to celebrate this fundraiser. 103km fueled with apple pies and cheese from Gouda.

You can still donate until the 31st of March!

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Warum Fahrräder für Bildung

To celebrate my 30th Birthday, let’s make distances shorter by giving the gift of bicycles to kids used to walking to school on a rough terrain.

I am supporting World Bicycle Relief, an organization providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles, with a personal fundraiser. The money raised through my fundraiser helps to provide specially designed, locally assembled bicycles to students in rural Africa; connecting them with education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

World Bicycle Relief is currently working to provide bicycles to students (70% girls), teachers, and educational workers.

Every 134 EUR reached = One Buffalo Bicycle provided to a student in need.
Choose the amount, from very small to very big, every donation helps!

What are you waiting for? Let's get rolling!

Fahrräder für Bildung

Indem wir Kindern, insbesondere Mädchen, Fahrräder zur Verfügung stellen, stärken wir sie auf ihrem Weg zu einem Schulabschluss, der letztlich ihr ganzes Leben beeinflusst. In die Schulbildung von Mädchen zu investieren, bedeutet den Kreislauf der Armut zu durchbrechen.

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