Warum Mädchen und Frauen stärken
Le Peloton Cycling Club is helping to change lives through the Power of Bicycles! We're raising funds and awareness for World Bicycle Relief, a global nonprofit organization committed to helping individuals overcome the barrier of distance in developing communities around the world.

Please consider supporting me as I work to empower women and girls through the Power of Bicycles. Every donation makes a difference and helps put brand-new Buffalo Bicycles into the hands of a person in need!

Thank you for your support.

Mädchen und Frauen stärken

Um die Welt zu verändern, müssen wir besonders in Frauen und Mädchen investieren. Fahrräder helfen ihnen, zu neuen Horizonten aufzubrechen.

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Kelly Conway
7 days ago
EUR 20
Kelly Conway
7 days ago
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8 days ago
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Michelle & Eric Horner
12 days ago
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Stew Guernsey
28 days ago